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A dive light with a built-in noisemaker made in the USA


It all started on a vacation to Cayo Coco Cuba circa 2003-2004 - I met a young newlywed couple on their honeymoon from Montreal Canada that had just learned to Scuba Dive both were certified and we had a great shallow dive together - and “Mike”  really enjoyed diving with me that day - and wanted to go again tomorrow - I advised him that it will be a deeper more advanced dive tomorrow morning - he was in.

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We provide scuba diving enthusiasts with high-quality scuba dive lights and gear at affordable prices. We share the passion of scuba diving with our customers, which is why we strive to bring you the best dive products on the market. The idea for our company was born during a unique encounter on a diving trip, so we wanted to create durable diving gear products that increase safety and security underwater. Our scuba dive lights and gear products are safe, easy to use, and ideal for all scuba diving adventures. We provide you with the scuba safety equipment you need, so you can safely enjoy your time underwater. Check out our site to learn more about us and our scuba gear. From dive lights and noisemakers to underwater attention getters and more—we guarantee you’ll love our products and the affordable prices.

Moray DCT Dive LightMark-Lite®- Dive Tank Marker LightMoray DCT-V2  Dive Light NoisemakerTrek Torch Combo KitMoray DSS - Diver's Signaling Strobe

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Scuba diving strobe lights provide you with a bright, steady, intense light so you can safely enjoy your nighttime and deep-sea dives. Our signaling strobes are an essential part of your diving equipment, so you and others are always aware of your location.

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