• MORAY DCT -Diver's Communication Torch

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Hey just dropping you a line about your lights – me and a couple buddies were diving in our local quarry over the weekend and the lights you gave me worked great – they really cut through the murkiness and were able to get each other attention really easy. 


Brent M. – Wisconsin

Muy Bueno-  Muchos Gracias – Good Job – Smart

Abdias – Cozumel Mex.

Great value, great noisemaker addition – wish I thought of it

Barry Z. New York

Man – this this is bright – great burn time and nice tight beam.

Todd F - Kentucky

Cool Idea a great 2 in 1 product

Barbara - California


 Passionate scuba diver from Canada Eh ! 

Had a dive trip go bad – got separated from the dive group on our decent and had to make an emergency accent with a new diver that ran out of air while down at 90 Feet. Floating around the ocean for 2 hours waiting to be found is a lot of time to think about all the Safety Equipment I didn't have that sure could've been pretty handy. 

The Rattling Flashlight was Born!