Get Attention Fast Underwater with Moray DCT Dive Light

Underwater Seconds Count - A Must Have 2 in 1 Diver Light and Noisemaker!

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A Dive Light with a focus on your safety

Why Moray DCT Dive Lights?

Moray's DCT dive light is a combo dive light and underwater noisemaker and puts out a powerful 200+ lumen from a single LED, and can be heard 100 feet away.

What DCT means?

Moray Dive Gear Inc.'s Diver's Communication Torch has revolutionized communication techniques for scuba divers around the world. The incorporated patented noisemaker is easy to use Just Shake It!

Best Dive Light Feature

The DCT's most important feature is that it remains silent while diving and only makes its signature rattling sound when the diver activates it by giving it a good shake! It is audible for more than 100 feet underwater.