Scuba Tank Marker Lights

Our scuba tank marker lights are designed for safe and convenient use. You can reuse our battery-operated submersible marker light as many times as you want. Our LED marker lights are multifunctional and can be used for diving as well as jogging, camping, biking, and more. With long-lasting life, you never have to worry about your marker light going out.

Stop using the old chemical light sticks that are bad for our oceans and the environment. Rely on our dive tank marker lights for your safety and peace of mind as you explore the sea’s hidden gems.

Our scuba tank marker lights are durable, high-quality, and affordable. Get the best of the best for your diving equipment without breaking the bank. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied!

You can always reach out with any questions or concerns. We love meeting new dive buddies!


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Mark-Lite®- Dive Tank Marker Light - moraydivelightsMark-Lite®- Dive Tank Marker Light - moraydivelights