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How the Moray DCT came to be - A lesson in “Necessity is the mother of all invention”

What’s a normal day’s dive like?

A few dives are all it takes to realize that diving involves a lot of travelling to new and exotic places with an open mind and a thirst for adventure.

Regardless of where you go, however, it’s not uncommon to hear laughter and share a tremendous sense of camaraderie with other divers. And when you dip your head beneath the sea’s surface, there are also prolonged moments of peace as you become lost in your undersea adventure.

But it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, scuba diving involves a lot of planning. Doing so gives you a sense of safety and security, while also ensuring that you get the most out of your dive.  So:

“Plan your dive, dive your plan.”

But sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t always go according to plan, leaving room for some of the world’s greatest inventions, like Moray Dive Gear with its scuba diving lights, for instance.

The Story

It all started on a vacation to Cayo Coco, Cuba, in 2003-2004, when diving enthusiast Trevor T. met a young newlywed couple who had just learnt to scuba dive. Trevor and Mike immediately connected and decided to buddy up for the rest of their dive holiday.

On their second dive together, however, things took an unexpected turn. As they made their descent, Trevor saw Mike bolt for the surface. At this point, Trevor’s dive training kicked in, and he did what any good buddy would do – he stayed with his buddy.

On the surface, Mike explained that he was nervous because all he could see was the deep blue – not the sandy bottom. Once Trevor reassured him that the seabed would be visible once below 50 feet, Mike was ready to go down again. But as they made their descent, another problem arose: the currents had caused them to drift past the rest of their dive group.

In the back of Trevor’s mind, he faintly registered the beauty that surrounded them, from stunning coral reefs to colourful fish darting past them. Circumstances being what they were, however, he made the sound decision to abort the dive, and so he carefully led Mike back up, who at this point was rapidly sucking up all the air in his tank.

Back on the surface:

Mike: “Oh my GOD - you just saved my life.”

Trevor: “Don’t worry about it, Mike, but it’s not over yet.”

In fact, they were drifting in the open sea, waiting for the boat to find them and pick them up. Despite the situation, Trevor managed to calm Mike down and helped him take his mind off the situation by making him focus on more positive things. Eventually, of course, they made it safely back on to the boat with a hell of a tale to tell their friends.

Debriefing – The beginning of a new journey

Back on land, the day’s incident made Trevor realize that he was not well prepared for the unexpected series of events, not realizing until something like this happened just how important safety is. He thus made a mental shopping list of diving accessories he needed to make his next dives safer and more enjoyable. It was at this point that he had his epiphany, a revelation as to what would be regarded as one of the best travel scuba diving lights: a dive flashlight with a built-in noisemaker.

A napkin sketch, patent application, prototype testing, and manufacturing process later, and the Moray DCT (Diver's Communication Torch) was born, setting the benchmark for travel scuba diving lights of the future.

Today, Moray Dive Gear focuses on producing scuba dive lights and gear, focusing on creating quality products Made in the USA that do not compromise on comfort and style. With the Moray DCT, divers have the flexibility to travel even to remote dive destinations without having to cut back on their gear and putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation that can easily be prevented.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Safe Diving.

  • The Moray Dive Team

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