Thanks for visiting our website -  we really like meeting new dive buddies and we are also active certified Scuba Divers. 

We make a really simple easy to use dive light with a built in noisemaker for new and seasoned divers alike that are safety minded. 

Our products are custom manufactured for us in Trenton New Jersey USA with our collaborator / partner Tektite Industries. Wanna chat hit us up on our facebook page or send a message through our Contact Us Page. 

-Moray Dive Team.

How the Moray  DCT came to be  - A lesson in necessity is the mother of all invention.

It all started on a vacation to Cayo Coco Cuba circa 2003-2004 - I met a young newlywed couple on their honeymoon from Montreal Canada that had just learned to Scuba Dive both were certified and we had a great shallow dive together - and “Mike”  really enjoyed diving with me that day - and wanted to go again tomorrow - I advised him that it will be a deeper more advanced dive tomorrow morning - he was in.

Next morning - out to sea - and a little chop 3-4 footers - not too bad - All 8 divers and Divemaster back roll and get organized on the surface for the dive.

Deflate BCD’s - good to go……..down.

On the decent - I noticed my new dive buddy at 30 feet - heading for the surface - I could see the other divers and dive master descending - so I did what any good buddy would do - I stayed with my buddy.

We surfaced and he was a little panicked - I asked what was wrong and he was “concerned” he could not see the bottom like yesterdays dive - I calmed him down - and assured him once we get past 50 feet we will be able see the sandy bottom.  We got to the bottom alright - about 135 feet -suppose to touch down around 90 feet - but we overshot the landing zone as our 5 minute meeting on the surface we drifted past our meet up spot on the bottom.

Bull Shark

I could hear the Dive Master rattle - and was trying to located our group I looked around in every direction - and AWESOME - a Bull Shark swam right by Mike and I - really cool. No such luck finding the dive group - time for air check - Mike was down to 900 PSI - I guess in all the excitement he used a little more air than normal - So I made the decision to abort the dive - 

We headed to the surface and - we went slow and did a couple stops along the way (as I did not have a dive computer back then)- 3mins at 90ft - then I did another air check and well let’s just say I’m glad I brought some extra air  -

 I gave Mike my reg and I used my octo - My reg’s mouth piece is really comfortable - great guy eh. Mike - OUT OF AIR - sucked the tank dry in 10 minutes - pretty impressive if you ask me.  60 - 3 minutes - now WE are getting low on air - and hung around at 15 for 3 - up we go - and had to manually inflate our BCD’s - talk about cutting it close. 

Mike : “Oh my GOD - you just saved my life”

Me: “Not yet - did you not see that bull shark”

Boat - Gone.

55 minutes later - we were drifting - and in the distance-  I could see the boat coming back for us -

Back on dry land - A lot of Mojitos and  Cuba Libre's,  later - I figured out - I was not prepared with the proper equipment. 

Next mandatory purchases before my next epic dive trip- Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), loudest whistle I could buy, signalling mirror, wrist mount dive computer,  dive light and a noisemaker - 

Fast forward - A bad cold,  Vic’s night-quill,a dream of pulling out my new dive light and shaking and getting the dive groups attention………..hey wait - that doesn’t exist but I want..... - no - I have to have one!. 

And so the journey began, napkin sketch, patent search, patent application, business plan, market research, prototype, testing, validation, issued patent, partnering, manufacturing, branding, marketing, trade shows and the Moray DCT Diver's Communication Torch was born.

Sound easy right?

A dream that came to reality because of an unfortunate incident that happened doing something I love.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan.

Safe Diving.