The Moray DCT - Diver's Communication Torch - is a powerful dive light with a built-in noisemaker.

It's simple and intuitive design makes it super easy to use. To turn on and off, simply twist it. To replace the batteries, it takes approximately 5-6 half twists to remove the light head.

Hold the light from the top from the rubber glare guard and snap it down. You will hear a “clack” sound as the ball is released. To get your buddy’s attention, just shake it!

When you don’t need to use the noisemaker,tilt the light downwards to reset the ball against the magnet. Tip - Don't annoy your fellow divers, and avoid using it to point out a common parrotfish…discretion is advised.

Without a hood covering your ears, 100+ feet.If you’re 100 feet away from your dive buddy, you've got bigger issues to deal with. Generally,however, you can hear it very well between 10-40 feet.

Ah, the great debate! How can you hate such a thing? All noise makers are extremely useful in all kinds of diving of scenarios, including emergency ones, but more often than not, to share the thrill of spotting a critter.

We designed The Moray DCT so that it doesn’t rattle when you don’t want it to.

You don't need one - but it's great to have as it helps bring out the colours of the corals and marine life even on shallow daydives. There are always cracks, crevices and swim-throughs to peek into while diving. Not to mention wreck penetration dives, cenotes, cave and cavern diving. The Moray DCT makes a great secondary/ back up dive light with a handy signalling device to get your buddy’s attention. It’s a massive win-win.

Our dive light is rated at 240 real Lumens.  Light calumniation is way more important that lumen output! It's all about battery burn time and beam throw.Think of it was a lighthouse –a tiny little light that can be seen for miles. It’s the same concept with our dive torches. Our proprietary optics are designed to maximize beam throw with minimal lumen effort to give you more battery burn time.

More lumens/power consumed = less burn time. Fewer lumens = more burn time. You can’t have both. It's science!

Would you rather dive all week 2-4 dives per day and throw in a night dive on only 2 C-cell batteries or have to charge your batteries after only 45 mins of use? Me – I want to dive all week! plus, you can find C-cell alkaline batteries anywhere in the world! Try finding CR123’s or LI18560 batteries at the local convenience store in Belize– good luck – and if you do – how much?

Our lights are bright with a tight 6-degree beam angle for divers that don't need or want stadium lighting on a dive, and who prefer not to cook the fish they are looking at. If you were the kid who used to burn ants with a magnifying glass, then this dive light is probably not the one you are looking for….

Absolutely! When you’re not diving, The Moray DCTs are great around the house and especially during power outages (they usually last longer than an hour during a bad storm or hurricane) – they even can turn into a nifty candle. Throw one in your truck, camper, cottage, and why not, on a kayak or boat (duh waterproof).

Let's face it – your dive gear takes a beating – mine sure does. When boat diving in choppy water you get a little banged up and tossed around, so does your gear. Our lights are designed and engineered to take a beating. Our lights are the same ones that are used by The Military,NATO forces, NASA, and the US Navy.They trust us, and so should you– Do you think they choose their equipment lightly? 

To the United States, right onto your doorstep. The cost is $12, or free depending on our future sales promotion and/or coupon codes.

With the 240 Lumen version, you have 8 hours at full blast. Then another 15-20 hours with a nice and even glare as the batteries slowy discharge.

Easy, we don’t want to over complicate something you take underwater, hundreds of feet down. Switches and buttons are points of failure, where as a twist on/off mechanism is simple and reliable. Plus, this design makes it easy to clean and inspect the O-rings. Built with ABS and Lexan, the flashlight is shatterproof. The Moray DCT is rated to 500 feet down – yes, a little overkill - but something Tech divers and NAVY submarine captains appreciate.

OK – ask them to reach out to us on our contact us page, and we can probably make that happen. If you need one now, you can buy it from our Shopify store (Shipping can take up to 7-10 days).

Yes, you can purchase a Moray DCT without a C-card.

It’s the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for that special someone in your life that never ever stops talking about Scuba Diving.

Well, ask all the employees and the awesome owner at our manufacturing partner Tektite Industries about that one.  The truth is, it’s a nightmare. If there’s a problem, we can solve it faster than – hiring a translator, flying 28 hours on a plane to have a meeting in a cold dark factory, then waiting 27 days to have our products hit US soil. Not to forget that it requires travelling on an ocean freighter in a dark storage container burning dirty bunker C oil getting .001 Miles per gallon. All to end up getting stuck in customs for another 10 days and burning another 400 gallons of diesel fuel to get to our factory in New Jersey that already makes great products right here in the USA.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Yes! - if you are a legit dive shop / scuba training facility or a reputable international scuba equipment distributor - we can offer great pricing based on volume - Just reach out to us on our contact page so we can figure out all the high level negotiations without any power lunches or boardroom drama.