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Dive Noisemakers: Why You Need One

Dive Noisemakers: Why You Need One

Dive Noisemakers: Why You Need One

Underwater communication can be a problem and is very often restricted to a small set of widely used hand signals. This can create a situation in which it is very difficult to get the attention of your dive buddy, especially if you need them right away.

Events tend to happen very quickly in the water. If something unpleasant occurs or if you spot something really interesting and want to show your buddy, but you can’t get their attention, it can be extremely frustrating. Insert: the dive noisemaker.


Dive Noise Makers

Products have been developed to aide underwater communication, which involve a distinguishable ‘shaking’ or ‘rattling’ noise. The advantage of using sound is that it travels very quickly through the water, and you'll be able to attract the attention of other divers as soon as you need them.

The primary reason you’d want to want to get your buddies’ attention underwater is to let them know you’ve found something cool. However, in the unlucky event of an accident, running out of air, or a tank strap malfunction, having a noise maker definitely comes in handy, too.

Use Your Noisemaker with Care

Remember, you’ll want to use your noisemaker thoughtfully. As you likely know from your dive training, sound travels about 4.3 times faster underwater than it does on land. This means that when you give your noisemaker a good shake, the sound will travel about 500 meters in every direction.

As to not ruin the dive ‘vibe’, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re only using it when needed, and not pointing out every little thing you find.

And lastly, when in the water, do a quick test run to show your buddy your unique noisemaker’s ‘call’, especially if you’re on a boat or dive with many other groups in the area.


The Moray DCT

The Moray DCT - Diver's Communication Torch – is a powerful dive light with a built-in noisemaker!


Building off the Moray Dive Gear's revolutionary noisemaker design, the Diver's Communication Torch (DCT) eliminates cumbersome underwater communications! The DCT incorporates a state-of-the-art LED/optic to produce 240 + source lumens of light.


To get your buddy’s attention, just shake it! When you don’t need to use the noisemaker, tilt the light downwards to reset the ball against the magnet.


 Never worry about underwater communication again with The Moray DCT.


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