Best Scuba Flashlight for Travelling

3 Reasons Why The Moray DCT Is The Best Scuba Flashlight For Travelling

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The 2 in1 scuba dive light and signalling device is a must-have accessory for every scuba diver.


The need for scuba diving lights has blown up recently. With more dive sites sprouting up in every corner of the globe, and divers working their way down their bucket list, having the right dive gear, including the best scuba flashlight for travelling, has never been more widely discussed.

Think about wreck diving, night diving, or cenote diving - they all offer a different way of catching a glimpse of the beauty of the underwater world. So having the proper dive gear is paramount to ensure that your dive is a) safer and b) more enjoyable.

Truth be told, many divers - from beginners to pros – buy dive accessories for their cool and handy features that enhance their diving experience. This usually means that they buy a new piece of equipment to use as their main gear, or to add as spare on top of their existing set of equipment.

For example, how many divers do you see that dive with spare dive computers or scuba diving lights?

But if there is one thing that we know from diving is this: dive equipment can be heavy, bulky, and pricey.

Luckily, Moray Dive Gear has developed a handy and travel-friendly dive light - the Moray DCT - so that your next dive trip can be more comfortable. And you don’t have to fork out a small fortune either. The 2 in1 Moray DCT combines a powerful dive light and a built-in noisemaker, making it one of the best scuba flashlights for travelling. It’s also the go-to-choice for seasoned divers looking for a reliable back-up light.

Made with tough ABS and LEXAN®, the Moray DCT is as tough as it looks, packing some standout features that are impossible to ignore.

The Moray DCT gives divers the option of having a 2 in 1 dive torch and a noisemaker.

It’s a massive win-win.

Below, you’ll find the top three reasons that make the Moray DCT so popular.

Reason #1: Best scuba flashlight for travelling

As you pack your suitcase and need to stay within your baggage weight allowance, you need to make a series of decisions as to what to pack and what can stay at home. Leaving a scuba diving light and signalling device behind might seem an innocuous decision.

But did you know that you’re likely to need one even during shallow day-time dives? How many times did you spot a critter hiding under a rock, but couldn’t see it well because it was too dark? And if you’re into deep dives or wreck diving - well - leaving your dive torch at home is not an option.


The good news for all world-trotting scuba divers is that the Moray DCT is a 2in1 dive torch with an integrated signalling device. You heard that right, you have a powerful scuba diving light AND a noisemaker.

If you don’t like diving with too many accessories, or already have too many attached to your D-rings or stuffed into your BCD pockets, the Moray DCT helps you save up space with its dual-function dive torch. Minimizing your dive accessories will help you streamline your gear, making your dives safer and more comfortable.

Bonus: The Moray DCT comes with batteries and a lanyard, making it the best travel flashlight for scuba diving, ready to pack for your next diving trip.

Reason #2: Powerful dive torch

As any scuba diver knows, the colours get dull down there. Even in shallow day-time dives, a dive torch could come in handy. You’ve probably realized that without the help of artificial light, your underwater photos are drained of all the bright marine colours. It’s both frustrating and disappointing.


The Morays DCT incorporates 200 lumens of light into a tight 6 degrees beam with a runtime of eight hours at full blast, and an extra 20 hours as the batteries run out. It can be used up to a depth of 500 feet.

Speaking of batteries, the Moray DCT uses C-cell alkaline batteries, which are easily available in even the most remote diving destinations. Plus, they’re cheap. So you don’t have to worry about packing any chargers (and adaptors) or a suitcase full of hard-to-find and more expensive batteries.

Reason #3: Built-in noisemaker

For any diver worth their salt, having a noisemaker is crucial. Not only for safety reasons but also to easily communicate with your buddy and point out any cool marine life that you encounter. With the Moray DCT, you can say goodbye to frantically waving your hand in front of your buddy or grabbing their fin to get their attention. Just shake it! It can be heard as far as 100 feet.

PLUS, the Moray DCT’s integrated noisemaker only works when you want it to. There’s no chance of it rattling at unexpected times and confusing your dive buddy. Talk about sending mixed signals.

It’s also worth noting that the Moray DCT is manufactured in the USA. While many dive torch manufactures have Made in China products, we take great pride in supporting the local economy to ensure fair working conditions. Our commitment to safeguarding our employees also contributes directly to reducing our carbon footprint.

After all, what would a scuba dive lights and gear company be without playing its part in protecting our oceans?


Standing by our commitment to producing the best scuba flashlight for travelling that meets the highest quality standards, we surround ourselves with pros. Our scuba diving lights are made nowhere else than in the same company that invented - and built - the very first LED scuba diving flashlight: TEKTITE.

The Moray DCT ticks all the boxes for affordability, practicality, and style. It comes in a variety of colours such as orange, black, blue, and yellow to suit your tastes and match your gear. Its retro design is bound to give it a timeless look for never-ageing beauty that helps you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re interested in snapping up the Moray DCT 2 in1 dive torch, check our products’ page here.

Photos credit(s): Robert Emperley, Derek Keats.


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