Moray DCT Dive Light

Sale price$99.95

This is one of the best dive lights for scuba divers at this price. A tough no-nonsense bright Tektite-powered dive light paired with Moray Dive Gear's patented noisemaker. Building off the Moray Dive Gear's revolutionary noisemaker design, the Diver's Communication Torch (DCT) eliminates cumbersome underwater communications! The DCT incorporates a state of the art LED/optic to produce 240 + source lumens of light. This flashlight utilizes specialized optics to produce an ultra-tight 6-degree beam pattern. This "spot" beam pattern enables the DCT to cut through darkness and murkiness. Burn time is 8+ hours at full power with an additional 20 hours of usable light as the batteries run down. Double O-ring seals give this waterproof light an underwater depth rating of 500 feet (150 m). Most importantly the DCT incorporates Moray's patented noisemaker device - Just Shake It.

Includes, at no additional charge: an adjustable cushioned wrist lanyard, velcro strap and removable rubber glare guard.


  • Dive Rated to 500 feetMoray's patented diving noisemaker
  • A powerful Tektite light featuring a single Cree XRE LED
  • Dive rated to 500 feet (150 m), IP68M
  • Runs on only two C-cell Alkaline batteries (included)
  • Powerful, Bright with a rating of 240+ Real Lumens
  • Lamp/LED Life of 10,000+ hours
  • Burn for 8+ hours at full power with 20 additional hours usable light
  • CE (European Union compliant)
  • Materials: ABS and LEXAN®
  • Dimensions: 8" L x 2" W
  • U.S. Patents #7,496,001 & #6,168,288
  • Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components).
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


Color: Orange

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